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It's here, its finally here!

Hey Community.

In the past 2 or so days, we have been battling the odds with the website, as I'm sure you would have all experienced at some point. It is now my pleasure to reiterate (for the 5th time) that the website is back to a stable, working state (minus trophies, they are out until we receive an update from the actual author of that add on). A BIG thankyou to GloriousKoch for picking up the slack and learning a bunch of new things along the way. He is now probably more experienced than myself in the use of XenForo :p. Also a BIG thankyou to Electric_Hamster, our Original Benefactor, for taking time out of his busy schedule to help us patch up the registration forms. This update is more their work than anything. 3 cheers for GloriousKoch and Electric_Hamster!

Now, on to the updates!

With the upgrades complete and the bug fixes done, I can now safely say that we are updated...
by jknrlz at 8:53 AM
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So, this will be breif as I'm about to pass out.

Jeremy please edit this and fix it up.

Long story short, we tried updating and had troubles. We then tried to go to backup but that failed. Finally i fixed it for now but we don't have trophies until the problem is sorted out.

Hope ya'll enjoy the forums again!

by GloriousKoch at 6:39 PM
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Hey Community!

We have an exciting update today for you. Last night, ISMOOCH finished up the basic mechanics to link your in-game accounts to your OBAMCraft forum account. There are a number of reasons on why you'll want to do this!

  • We will grant a one time reward for doing so. It is still to be determined, but you can register before hand and you will get the reward when we create it!
  • We will hold special events and release special features as the forum membership grows and hits milestones!
  • We have a special program called Circle in development which will have a special use for both staff and player. The staff side will use it to help better moderate the games, while not always having access to the game. The player side will be used to keep track of stats and important game information, including Fronts, Front locations, Kit PVP stats, etc. You will need to link your forum account to your in-game...
by ISMOOCH at 9:42 PM
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So, here is a list of things that were changed/altered:

  • Removed Skyblock ;-; (Creating new SkyFronts game though!).
  • Removed some unneeded skyblock commands.
  • Conjoined a large amount of files into a much smaller amount of files.
  • Reorganized Skript folder.
  • Updated to 1.7.10 (with 1.8 protocol).
  • Changed to a new database system, making cool player stats more easily accessible for stat development.
  • Set up UUID recognition.
  • Broke Voting Rewards (Better version coming soon!).

  • Broke flags (Will be fixed).
  • Removed some unneeded commands/files.
  • Remove /front add/remove and its uses.
  • Set up UUID recognition.
  • Set up better Database for Front storage.
  • Erased Projeggtile recipes D: (Will be adding them to Adv. Workbench!).
  • Updated to 1.7.10 (with 1.8 protocol).

  • Broke flags (Will be fixed).
  • Removed some unneeded commands/files.
  • Removed /front add/remove and its...
by GloriousKoch at 4:26 AM
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UPDATE #01 (September 02, 2014 4:45AM CST)
So, we have some good news and bad news. The good news is, the Hub is back online. The bad news is, nothing else is yet. We have a lot of work to do still to fix up some database stuff and bringing up the other games. Thank you all a TON for being patient with this process.

  • You can actually connect with any client 1.8 and below. We're at 1.7.10, so 1.8 stuff won't work...but you can still connect with it. Woo!
  • We are currently at 15x TAM for the day to make up for the inconvenience...so come hang out with other OBAMers on the Hub and get a TON of Tickets. :)
  • Voting Rewards are currently not hooked up, but will be one of the first things we hook up!


Hey Community!

So, to no surprise, the big update to 1.7.9 didn't go completely as planned. (In the 3 years I've done MC Communities, I've come to learn they never do, so we're...
by GloriousKoch at 7:31 PM
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SkyFronts is our take on the Skyblock game that everyone knows and loves. I'm going to start out this post with some temporary bad stuff. We're in the moves to 1.7.9. The Skyblock Plugin we used isn't available for 1.7.9 and it's the only game we've had on OBAM that we didn't code ourselves. So, unfortunately, Skyblock is officially dead.

The good news is...once we get all the 1.7.9 update bugs out of the way, we will be moving SkyFronts to the front of our list. to be created as our next game. For those who had a current Skyblock Island, all is not lost. We will offer various options for the players once SkyFronts is up, such as Ticket compensation, item requests from their old islands, all the way up to copy and pasting the old islands to the new game (though this option might take a BIT longer to accomplish.)

Now, onto SkyFronts discussion. If you had any ideas you wanted for Skyblock in the past...anything at all, but we couldn't do, now is the time to bring it up again. The...
by GloriousKoch at 10:17 PM
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Hey Community!

We're almost ready to update to 1.7.9 finally! To do this, we're going to be going down tonight to prepare to update. We don't have an ETA, because this is kind of a new thing and we're likely going to come up with some errors and things we need to fix and all that. If things all go right, we're hoping to have HUB back up within the hour or two so you can all come hang out and continue to get that TAM.

We will be offering a day of 15x TAM tomorrow to celebrate (hopefully) a successful launch to 1.7.9 AND ISMOOCH and superdog93's new baby! Thanks everyone for your patience and being super awesome! Wish us luck!

by GloriousKoch at 12:18 AM
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Hey Community!

Congratulations on hitting the Community TAM donation goal in August. As promised, our TAM Modifier for all of September is 5x Tickets per minute! For those unfamiliar with our TAM feature, it simply means that we award you for your presence on our server. For every minute you're on any of our games or servers, you will earn OBAM Tickets, based on the current modifier.

To give you an idea of how much you can potentially earn in September, here are the official numbers. This is of course assuming you stayed on for 24 hours a day, which of course isn't totally realistic, but can still give you a general idea:

  • If you stayed online for one full hour, you'd earn 300 Tickets.
  • If you stayed online for a full 24 hour day, you'd earn 7,200 Tickets.
  • If you stayed online for a full 7 day week, you'd earn 50,400 Tickets.
  • If you stayed online for all of September, you'd earn 216,000 Tickets.
by jknrlz at 2:51 AM
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Hey Community!

As some may have experienced, there was some down time today. This happened as a result of having to re-install quite a few things after a certain incident which caused the whole theme to be borked.

There is no scheduled downtime anytime soon, but should there be a need for it, please don't panic. We are simply trying to fix things up. :) Until we get the new theme back up and functional again, we will have to remain on the old theme.

While I have your attention, we also have had some updates on the site:
- Updated to the latest Xenforo version
- Updated to the latest version of the new theme
- Cleaned up some loose ends.
- Performed maintenance on some plugins.

That is all guys, thanks for being awesome and keeping with us!
by GloriousKoch at 2:10 PM
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Hey Community!

Some of you who have been with us from the earlier days might recall Electric_Hamster from either past ventures together, or being around quite a bit in helping OBAM get started. Those more recently know him for doing website work, previously to jknrlz coming on board. Well, you will now notice when he's around in game that he will be sporting our Supporter Rank color, instead of Administrator.

We as staff know all to well how easily rumors can start about simple things such as staff not being certain staff anymore, so I wanted to make this thread just to keep everyone in the loop. Hamster's IRL time has come to a point where it completely over-takes his ability to be as helpful as he would like around here, and has decided to step down from his position for now. There was no bad blood or anything done wrong by him, so no need to worry about that.

I've created a new title called "Original Benefactor" which he will rock on the site, to...